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Tell me about your child & family’s sleep struggles.

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As a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, I will work with you to create an educated, individualized sleep plan. I will be there to support and guide you as you implement your plan and reach your sleep goals. 


What Parents Are Saying

Sarah H.

“I would highly recommend Cassidy of Radley Baby to any new parent or any parent struggling with training their child to fall asleep on their own. I will continue to use her with any future children we have and now consider her a friend. ”

Jon & Bethany V.

“We were in desperate need of help and sleep.  I am so pleased to share that we now have an almost 2 year old who is still sleeping well!  Our new baby is also here and I just cannot help but think how much of a blessing the sleep coaching was to our family. ”

Kecia A.

"My daughter has been sleeping 12 hours and in her own crib since she was 6 months! Cassidy is easy to work with and will make time for you whenever it’s convenient for you. I would recommend Radley Baby Sleep Coaching

to any new families! "


Gentle Sleep Coaching

The Premium

Sleep Coaching Package

I've designed this package to support you to the max.

With 3 weeks of ongoing support from me, we can develop a plan as unique as your family. We will touch base daily via phone and email to discuss what's working, what's not and make adjustment to keep you moving toward your sleep goals.

The Full

Sleep Coaching Package

This is my most popular package.


Following our initial consult, I will provide ongoing support and consultation for 2 weeks via phone and email as you carry out your plan. We will talk through how your baby is responding and make adjustments as needed to keep you progressing gently to your sleep goals.

Email Support

Coaching Package

You've got this!

Together we will create a sleep plan that is sure to move you steadily toward your sleep goals. I will be there with you for 2 weeks via email to provide guidance and support as you implement your sleep plan.

Newborn Power Hour


There is new little bundle of human greatness in your home!

We will spend our consult time discussing sleep development, sleep needs and, of course, how to get the best sleep for your whole family. 

Most importantly we will discuss what NOT to worry about, so you can embrace those magical newborn days.

One Week All-In

You're ready to commit. Everyone in your house is ready to be well rested.This package will get you well on your way.  

Following our initial consult, we will work together via phone and email during those crucial first few days and make sure you're well equipped with the knowledge and confidence to meet your family's sleep needs. 

Mini Consult

This phone consult is a perfect fit for the sleep DIYer.

If you have already begun sleep coaching but have a question or two you'd like to discuss to ensure things go smoothly or if you would like to make a few changes toward improved sleep but are not quite in a place as a family to commit to a full sleep plan....start here!

Let's Be Friends!