"Priceless... the only word I can come up with that describes the time, effort, knowledge and love Cassidy put into helping us sleep coach our little guy. From the beginning, Jordy wasn’t the greatest sleeper, he was slightly colicky and needed his momma to help him get to sleep. It wasn’t until after we attempted co-sleeping and bed sharing with continued poor sleep for not only me (momma) but for Jordy as well, that something needed to change. Through friends and family we found Radley Baby Sleep Coaching. Cassidy talked me through each and every step, she was extremely knowledgeable on how Jordy would/could react which kept me prepared and less scared/nervous of the process. On NIGHT 3, we had met our main goals, Jordy in his crib and me back in my own bed with my husband! From that point on we only continued to succeed and I can’t thank Cassidy enough. About a month after we finished, things are continuing to hold true and I have a tool kit Cassidy help build, to help me deal with any bumps that may come our way. 

Thank you so much!!"

- Kyle, Stacie, & Jordy

“Our son Graham has a rare genetic disorder associated with developmental delays including problems with sleeping. From the time he was born, he never seemed to get enough sleep. He had trouble falling asleep every night, woke up in the middle of the night crying and couldn’t get back to sleep, and woke up screaming and crying every morning. When he was our only child, we were able to manage this by sleeping in shifts. But Cora was born when Graham was two and a half, and it just became too much for all of us. Jenny and I hadn’t shared our bed regularly for years, we had a newborn on a newborn’s sleeping schedule, and we had a toddler whose lack of sleep was only making his developmental delays worse. Even if everyone was getting enough sleep (which we weren’t), waking up to the sound of your kid screaming is just no way to live. Really, we’d just been in survival mode for nearly three years and didn’t realize it.  

A friend suggested Cassidy, and we were skeptical. Sure, sleep training probably works for typical kids, but there were about 100 people in the world with genetic changes like Graham’s, and as far as we could tell they pretty much all had similar problems with sleep. This wasn’t a kid who needed a little training; this was genetic. I was not optimistic. 

But we were desperate, so we gave it a shot just before he turned three. Apart from getting married and having kids, it may have been the best decision we ever made. I’m not exaggerating. Those first few nights were rough, but something clicked by the end of that first week, and in less than two weeks, he was sleeping through the night most nights and lulling himself back to sleep if he did wake in the middle of the night. Jenny and I started sleeping in the same bed at the same time for the first time in three years. Graham started getting enough sleep and making better progress in therapy (and in preschool, which he started a month later). I can’t remember the last time we woke up to crying or screaming. 

I’d like to think we would have figured out a better plan for sleeping on our own eventually, but who knows how long that would have taken? Cassidy helped us figure out a plan and implement it, and she supported us as long as we needed it. And she did it all via phone and Skype, so she really could give anyone anywhere the same help.  

That was almost three years ago. Cora is three years old and has been on a regular sleep schedule for years now. Graham is five and a half and getting ready to move from kindergarten to first grade. He makes regular progress in therapy and school and is one of the happiest kids you’ll ever meet. He’s still my alarm clock, but waking up to him calling my name after we’ve all had a good night’s sleep is one of the best parts of my day."

- Matt & Jenny

“Cassidy was such a pleasure working with, she is extremely knowledgeable about babies and sleep. I highly recommend her to anybody dealing with difficulties for getting babies to sleep through the night. She has a very gentle approach which I appreciate as well. Our little girl went from us working so hard to get her to sleep (many times during the night), to now sleeping 11-12 hours EVERY night. Our bedtime takes 10-15 mins max, when before would be an hour or two. Don’t even waste your time - BOOK TODAY!!”


- Tiffani T.

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